Welcome to Bits ‘n’ Peaches – perfectly crafted products for positively peachy people… 


Bits ‘n’ Peaches was founded by Sophie & Zoe. Two women who wanted to create a perfectly peachy world for gifted creators and compassionate customers.

Combining a genuine love for print with an exceptional eye for detail, vibrancy and creativity, both Sophie and Zoe have enjoyed much success as designers who’s prints have sold to most major fashion houses around the world. 

Bringing together brilliant style with expert skill and knowledge, both women are dedicated to nurturing a creative working environment that places their artistic team at the very centre of its operations. Traditionally, the print industry assigns a designer’s name to a mere footnote in the finished product, taking away recognition from those who have been essential in its creation. 

Sophie and Zoe want to change this and firmly believe in the full exposure for each artist's hard work.  

Bit ‘n’ Peaches is a platform built especially for you. A space where artists can collaborate and embrace the unique, eccentric and culturally immersive experience that is creating exceptional print designs and products.  

Bits ‘n’ Peaches believe in honouring a designer’s talent. Our artists are recognised for the work that they produce. Their names are printed on each piece so that our customers know exactly who created their product.

Everything that we produce at Bits ‘n’ Peaches is painted, designed, manufactured and packaged here in the UK.

Thanks for visiting Bits ‘n’ Peaches, we hope you enjoy your time with us! 

Printed and Pattern Stationery at its finest.